Regene by Monkee Genes

Here at Monkee Genes we are always striving for improvement when it comes to sustainability. This has led us to find a solution for the afterlife of our garments.

We are excited to be launching our very own trade-in platform, where you can return your old Monkee Genes garments in exchange for MG store credit & extend the lifecycle of your clothing! For more information, please see Regene.



reGAIN - Recycling Rewards

 If you have shopped with Monkee Genes for a while, you will know we have supported reGAIN for years now. If you haven't downloaded the app do it now for discounts that help you save as you recycle! Doing good really does pay off! 

Love Your Clothes

Like you, here at Monkee Genes, we are always searching for ways to ensure our clothing avoids landfills and becomes part of the circular economy.

WRAP have created the Love Your Clothes campaign in 2014 to encourage the fashion industry and consumers to buy, use and dispose of their clothing without them ending up in landfill. 

Visit Love Your Clothes to learn more.

The End of the Line

If your clothing is beyond repair, cannot be upcycled or donated, you can still donate them to clothing and textile banks to be recycled. Visit RECYCLE NOW to find one near you.