Eco Wash

Eco Wash - Up to 80% Less Water
At Monkee Genes we are always searching for new and innovative ways to produce more sustainably. Working with one of our new manufacturing partners based in Pakistan we were able to develop a fresh kind of denim, with original washes and a fit you will want to wear again and again.
It is often underestimated how much water goes into making one pair of jeans. A 2017 report suggested that the fashion industry consumed 79 billion cubic meters of water in 2015, “enough to fill nearly 32 million Olympic-size swimming pools”*.
It is easy to take our access to water for granted. Every day we can turn on a tap and drink clean, fresh water. We flush the toilet several times a day, and shower as often as we like – after all, we live on a planet overrun with water, right? Unfortunately it’s just not that simple. Just 2.5%of the Earth’s water is freshwater, with only 0.3% being accessible to humans.
The fashion industry is a huge consumer of this fresh water, in the way they use it as well as pollute it. The biggest offender is cotton, a famously thirsty crop which uses numerous toxic chemicals which wash into the waterways and pollute the ecosystems – a major problem in developing countries.
With all this in mind, our designers have worked closely with our factories this season to develop our new Eco Wash collection which uses up to 80% less water than traditional denim production, as well as using GOTS Certified organic cotton.
How can you help?
Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticide and artificial fertilisers, so by shopping organically you can stop contributing to the water pollution caused by conventional cotton production.
Ultimately, we need to great a new consumer climate where we choose quality over quantity. Choose to pay more for quality garments, rather than spending your salary on disposable fashion. By extending the lifecycle of our clothes we can all contribute to reducing our water footprint.