Fashion Revolution

Join the movement calling for a fairer, safer and cleaner fashion industry.
The 24th April 2018 will mark five years since the worst disaster in the history of the fashion industry.
The collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh killed more than 1,100 people and injured thousands. People across the world watched in shock as the media reports flooded in, revealing the increasing death toll and the harrowing survival stories of those horrifically injured in the collapse. People were waking up to the dangerous working conditions within the garment industry, but did the exposure provoke any change within the industry?
The Rana Plaza Arrangement reached the target $30million in 2015 for a trust fund to those injured in the disaster. Contributions came primarily from the 29 global brands that had recent or current orders with at least one of the five garments factories in the Rana Plaza building. It was created to benefit the families affected by the events that day as many of the survivors were left unable to work ever again. These families needed the poor amount of money they earnt to shelter and feed their families. This arrangement was a lifeline, but despite a long campaign and reaching their target, not all brands that were associated with the affected factories actually paid up.
In July 2016, 38 people were formally charged with murder in connection with the collapse of the Rana Plaza building. It was important that people were held accountable for the disaster, not only allowing for closure to the victims and their families but to also act as a deterrent and example for those trying to defraud the legislation set to protect the safety and welfare of workers.
The victims have been compensated, the criminals have been convicted, but has the industry learnt from Rana Plaza? Not really. Whilst the consumers are still consuming, the demand for Fast Fashion isn’t losing pace. Illegal garment factories still exist and small scale disasters are undermined by media outlets. This is why Monkee Genes wants to help make a difference.
Above: Sudarmi works on the sewing line in our factory and is an important part of creating Monkee Genes.
With Fashion Comes Responsibility…
We take the time to visit every factory we use to ensure the safety and welfare of garment workers. Everyone involved in making our jeans and new apparel range is paid a decent living wage. Our clothes are made with care because we care about the people that make them. 
We want to spare a thought for the men and women at the end of the supply chain, working hard to make your clothes.
You can make a difference.
 ‘No Slave Labour, No Child Labour, No Blood, No Sweat, No Tears.’

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