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"This is quite simply the ultimate stretch jean and it's organic, Join the Circus!"
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Organic Flex: This Monkee Genes exclusive range is set to reignite the denim industry with its incredible flexibility and depth of colour.
The Organic Flex collection is all about being active. Monkee Genes has always been about bringing out your true rhythm in your jeans, and this new collection is no different.
We want to bring the life and soul back into the denim industry.
This denim collection has a springiness you just don't get with other denim.
It follows your natural curve and moulds to your body.
The balance between elasticity and the ability to hold its shape is achieved by the unique weave of the organic cotton and polyester.
Womens Organic Flex Monkee Genes Skinny Jeans for Womens
The goal was to produce a sports denim, whilst keeping a hard denim look. We have taken inspiration from the athleisure boom to create a wholly new organic jeans collection that is totally unique and on it's own in the denim industry.
So if you’re not a fan of the yoga and track pants, or just want a more subtle look for your athleisure pleasure you’ll love our Organic Flex denim. Sustainable jeans with incredible comfort!
Our GOTS certified laundry achieved the washes that keep with the authentic vibe we were trying to create.
The depth of colour and smooth handle were both significant factors in our design process. We are still working on achieving the same result using recycled polyester with the end result being a fully GOTS certified jean!
The retail price on these jeans is slightly higher than the usual Monkee Genes RRP, but trust us when we say if you put on these jeans, you will never want to wear standard denim again!
Comfort, flexibility, quality: Monkee Genes Organic Flex.
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