Organic Cotton Girls Can Artist Collaboration Tote Bag - Monkee Genes Organic Jeans Denim - Women's T-Shirts Monkee Genes Official  Monkee Genes Official
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Organic Cotton Girls Can Artist Collaboration Tote Bag

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  • Women's artist collaboration Tote bag
  • Art by Rozalina Burkova (@thedrawingdoor)
  • 'Girls Can' print - celebrating Women's Empowerment
  • White cotton Tote with black print
  • Twin handles
  • Woven Twill 6.34 oz / 215 g
  • 60% Recycled pre-consumer cotton organically grown, 40% Recycled post-consumer polyester
  • Made in India, printed in the UK

About the Artist:

Rozalina Burkova has previously illustrated for Fashion Revolution, a movement
Monkee Genes has worked with since its conception in 2014. This
common ground, combined with her striking and playful style made
Rozalina the perfect illustrator to collaborate with. In 2019 we will release
our Monkee Genes x Rozalina t-shirts and tote bags, celebrating the theme of Women’s

Future Collaborations:

We are aiming to produce several artist collaboration designs in 2019 and beyond: but to do this we need artists! If you are an artist and are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch via the contact form above. We would love to hear from you!