We are Back!
December 04, 2020

We are Back!

Long time, no speak!

Sadly, like many others, Monkee Genes has been affected by Coronavirus and our business has been closed for the best part of this year.  

The pandemic has changed so much about our world; however, it has highlighted the importance of eco-conscious and sustainable consumptionDisruption to the supply chain meant that fast-fashion experienced a much-needed slowdown. We found ways to repurpose, upcycle and reuse materials when they weren’t so readily available. When our freedom was compromised, we reconnected and have a newfound appreciation for nature. As health continues to be a top priority, clean and non-toxic materials and fibres became more important.   

These sustainable principles have been rooted at the heart of Monkee Genes since the beginning, and so reinforced our belief that our brand has a place in the market now more than ever. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Monkee Genes will be re-opening thanks to support from a new partner business. While it has been an extremely challenging year, it has given us the chance to refocus and realign our goals, working towards an even better Monkee Genes in 2021, which we hope you continue to be a part of. 

Our website is now live again and as a gesture of our appreciation of your patience with our brand, we are offering 15% off the entire site for this week only!

Watch this space for more exciting announcements on things to come for Monkee Genes in 2021.  

Thank you for your patience & understanding!Stay safe, look after each other, and our planet.  

Team MG x